Get Ready for

Useful Tips

We are expecting a packed stadium of 50,000! Come early to avoid the rush at the entrance. Remember to bring your admission ticket. Security clearance (LEVEL 2) starts at 2pm. Then proceed to your assigned Gate and Section (SEE TICKET). It's free seating within your assigned Section. Do not switch Sections. Be seated by 3.30pm for a heartwarming Orientation. We will begin at 4pm sharp with an official welcome and the public reading of God's Word.

Remember, red is the colour of the day. So, come in red.


Smart Move: Take Public Transport

No jams. No parking woes.
Nearest MRT stations: Stadium CC6 and Kallang EW10


No Re-entry

Your ticket is only valid for a onetime entry into the stadium. You won't be allowed back in after you have exited the venue.


No Outside Food & Drinks

This is a Day of Prayer with Fasting. You are encouraged to fast. Enjoy a free bottle of mineral water, compliments of PraySingapore.


Bring Only What You Need

Bags exceeding 35cm x 20cm x 30cm will not be allowed in. You can't store it under your seat. And there are no storage facilities.


No Helmet, Weapons, Flares, Airhorns & Musical Instruments Please

Such items can injure or cause public nuisance.


No Smoking Please

Humans need fresh air. Singaporeans love fresh air. We want everyone to have a pleasant time.


No Selfie Sticks Please

Selfies and wefies are fun. Ask friends with long arms to capture those special moments for you.


Use Only Compact Or Mobile Phones To Take Photos

DSLRs with interchangeable lenses are not allowed.

Return Unused Tickets

If any of your invitees cancel at the last minute, please return their unused tickets to us onsite. We will reissue the tickets to Walk-Ins on a first-come, first-served basis. Just look for our 'Ticket Collection/Return' counters at the National Stadium and pass them to our Staff on duty. Thank you.

United Worship

PraySingapore brings together Christians from various denominations and streams. With one heart and one voice, we will not only pray but honour God with praise and worship. So, to help us prepare to do so, here are some of the praise and worship songs we will be singing on that day. We trust that you will be blessed!

1. 一切歌颂赞美

2. Blessed Assurance (My King Is Coming)

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3. 我们欢迎君王降临

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4. What A Beautiful Name

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5. One Voice

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6. Salvation’s Tide

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7. There Is Power In The Blood

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8. 天开了

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9. Jesus At The Centre

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10. Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher)

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11. To God Be The Glory

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12. Anastasis (O Praise The Name)

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13. 将天敞开

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