Ticket Collection

Thank You! We appreciate your timely action in booking tickets for your church, Christian organisation or ministry network.

Here are important information regarding Ticket Collection:

1 Please collect from the PraySingapore Ticket Office

  • Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC)
    750A Chai Chee Road, Level 04-01
    Viva Business Park, Singapore 469001
  • Front Desk: 6424 9400
  • Ground Floor business icons: Decathlon, Burger King

2 Please collect within a Special Window

  • From August 27 (Monday) to September 1 (Saturday)
  • Monday to Friday | 9am to 6pm
  • Saturday | 9am to 1pm

3 Please collect the week after IF you really can’t within that Special Window. The Ticket Office is open from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm; and on Saturday 9am to 1pm.

4 In case you need more tickets: As soon as possible before September 14, please drop us a note at <info@praysingapore.sg>. We will do our best to match your request— on a first come first served basis — if tickets are still available.

5 In case you ordered more tickets than you need: By September 14 at the latest, please return ALL undistributed tickets to the PraySingapore Ticket Office. This is very important. Your gracious cooperation will help us re-distribute the extra tickets in a timely fashion to churches on Wait List or churches that need more tickets. Thank you!

Ticket Order